The “Buzz” in the Valley-and a Camera too!

It seems a short time ago, that the Kinsol Trestle’s potential, was still being debated at the CVRD /provincial level. In actual fact , the trestle of late is a major construction project and a hive of activity. Cranes are busy -high above the valley floor aiding in dismantling the old and lifting in new beams and components of the renewed structure.

One greatly kept secret -is the installation of a viewing camera so that progress may be monitored from home ! The Ministry Of Transport has the camera mounted so that it may be accessed from their website-very exciting. Special thanks to Yvonne McNab (ANGLE 5 video media), and the MOT for collaborating to make this happen! As usual-a privateer has rolled up sleeves -to get the job done…. Of course Gord Macdonald is full time at the site ensuring standards of excellence.

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