Reason for Celebration

Thursday was a special day in the Cowichan Valley. A small gathering of people met at the Kinsol Trestle for a major funding announcement of the Island Coastal Economic Trust,under the direction of the Honourable Ida Chong. 1.7 Million dollars was brought to the trestle rehabilitation/trail initiative after a proposal was maximized from a two year ask.This brings the total funds raised thus far to 4.1 million dollars -the balance of funding will be raised through the community by The Cowichan Foundation.

Mayor Phill Kent and Jack Peake were on hand along with Gordon Macdonald of Commonwealth Restoration -the firm that recently completed a feasibility study of the trestle. Ida Chong spoke to the beauty of the trestle and that pictures fall short of the mark. The true experience is in seeing it up close-the structures’ massive timbers and monolithic presence can now be viewed properly as a vegetation management program has commenced and sightlines are greatly improved.

Donations of in kind materials and support are being sought so that the trestle program can move ahead. CVRD Parks manager Brian Farquhar was pleased with the announcement as was John Luton -executive director of the Capital Bike and Walk Society. NDP Juan de Fuca mla John Horgan spoke to the need to preserve the historic icon of BC ,Canada,and the Commonwealth. At this point, there is no turning back . The bridge may be opened for 2010.

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