Kinsol Trestle 1950-photo courtesy of Dave Whitehead/John Luton, Capital Bike and Walk Society

The Kinsol is special as it features a 7 degree curve over a low level Howe truss. Immense ,at 145 ft tall and over 600ft in length it is engineering at its finest. From 1920 to 1979 it is said that 5 billion board feet of timber was brought to market from Lake Cowichan’s vast reserves over the CNR trestle.

Railway lore has steam engineers getting out and walking over the trestle and waiting for the brakeman to set the trains into motion ,as the bridge at times would sway under the great loads of steam engines and their cargo of massive timber atop the rail cars. The enginemen would then step aboard and slow the train for the brakeman ,who would follow across on foot and join up with the crew!

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